Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Ugh! I just had no frikkin time to do this properly so I have to just give you guys the best I could with the time I had (I had to cut corners with the vehicle modes for now). I will probably colour em up properly later but here goes:

The new Decepticon menace... South Africons! Hijack and Chopshop are two ruthless bots that will do anything to serve their leader Megatron.

Hijack is the Nissan Hardbody and Chopshop is the Venter Trailer. The concept is that they are a duo, similar to Soundwave and his cassette bots. Chopshop is always at Hijack's side.


Ric said...

Lookin' good Ice!

J.Ho said...

very cool--i especially like the design on hijack's helmet.

dean irvine said...

major props my friend, anyone who can draw transfomers has my respect,could never do it, to many horror flash backs to my technical drawing classes ;)