Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bog Dog - Skeletor's Evil Tar Swamp Minion

This is another one of my created characters for Royalt1us' 3rd ANNUAL FAN BASED CUSTOM CHARACTER CONTEST on the He-Man.org forums.


Ric said...

Another superb creation and I can comfortably say that (for me) he's the forerunner in the contest.

The colour scheme and simple rottweiler-esque design is top notch!

Definitely the character to beat!

I'm loving the classic feel to these characters and yet they still retain a lot of 200X influences. Thumbs up!

Andrew Cramer said...

Thanks again dude! There are (so far) one or two characters that I think will give me a run for my money but Im hoping the basic MotU essence of my characters will shine through to the finals. :)