Thursday, January 24, 2013

Defenders of Eden

Recently I have been involved in an exciting new venture with Matthew Rodriguez who has created a new fantasy/sci-fi world entitled Defenders of Eden.  I have helped with design work as well as digital colours on character artwork and a bit of input on character development. (one or two of my very own characters will also make an appearance!)
The property aims to start off as a comic and from there progress into merchandising such as toys and other entertainment media such as cartoons etc.
Whats great about working with Matthew and fellow artist Chris Edwards is that they share my passion for creativity and this particular genre! Below are some character designs that I digitally coloured and laid out on a template as well as the logo I helped to finalise.

Defenders of Eden: where good and evil fight to control the power that balances all of life!
A new toy/comic property both children and adults can enjoy, Eden is the haven for endless stories and imagination. /more...
In a world where time is endless, A world where no one knows which came first... machine or magic,
Evil has grown strong and now threatens the peace that has lasted since the Days of Darkness.
This world longs for heroes to rise up, Heroes from every corner of the land to fight and become Defenders of Eden!

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